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T.S. Eliot

“Home is where one starts from.”

To quote T.S. Eliot “Home is where one starts from.” A house is a dwelling made of walls and a roof, however a home is where memories have been made, love has grown and dreams have been realised. Family and friends have been welcomed; laughter, tears, and cherished memories are now a part of every room. It is part of your soul, surrounded by people or the things that matter to you the most.

It is from your home that you can continue to enjoy the life you have made there. Our team will take the time to work with you to understand how best we can assist you in continuing to enjoy the comforts of your home. We understand the importance of maintaining your independence. Our qualified support staff are able to provide a flexible care service to you, which meet your requirements. We are able to help you live independently the way you choose. Metro Healthcare are able to support you with the everyday physical and social needs, enabling you to feel empowered, comfortable and contented in your own home.

In Home Care

Our home care nurses visit your home and are flexible with your living situation, ensuring that the best care is being provided to you or your loved one. Our supportive team will assist you in arranging nursing care that meets your individual requirements, this can be from a few hours a week, or if a higher care level is required, 24 hours round-the-clock care.

Metro Healthcare is one of the few providers that provide for a full spectrum of home care, from domestic assistance, personal care, and transportation to professional nursing services.

We are able to offer compassionate and professional home care nursing to assist you or your loved one with some of the following services, including:


Metro Healthcare undertakes a personalized style in the support you receive. We work alongside you to design a plan that will allow you to retain your independence and attain your goals. Our disability services are never a generic approach. We understand that you know how to live your best life, and are here to assist you in accomplishing exactly that. The focus is always on you and your empowerment.

Home and Community Care

Our qualified support staff is equipped to help you reach your goals and attain the most out of life. By providing you with a high level of compassionate care combined with ongoing support from our team, we are ready to assist you and your family in being able to live life the best way possible for you.
Our support staff is available to help you in areas such as:

Ending the Current Arrangements

Finding great providers and making agreements with them to ensure you get great services is part of the way the NDIS is supposed to work.

First, you need to make arrangements to end your current services. You want a smooth change that involves the least amount of disruption or potential conflict or confusion. Hopefully you have an existing service agreement, and this will cover some important things you need to do to finalise your relationship.

  • Research different organizations and individuals online
  • Ask around your local community for recommendations for providers in your area
  • Ask your local council about transport and community engagement programs
  • Call providers and ask them any questions about their services