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New and renewal applications, audit compliance and rectifications, policies and procedures, permits, strategic business development and training.

Metro Healthcare also specialise in delivering business services to established and new providers in the NDIS and Aged Care sectors. We are able to assist new providers with the initial application process as well as help to navigate them through the required supporting documentation, quality standards, and frameworks.

Applying to become a registered Aged Care or Disability provider can be a complex and lengthy process. Providers are required to steer through an extensive review process and meet a very precise set of compliance, business and staffing obligations to obtain approval.

We have the experience and know-how to assist you throughout the entirety of the process, from the initial application for registration, supporting documentation to meet the required standards, creation and implementation of policies and procedures, delivery of services to the client, and strategic business development to ensure that your organization is moving forward in accordance with the industry policy. We also specialize in renewals, internal audits, and audit preparation.


We are able to assist our clients in navigating the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework, facilitating them in becoming a registered disability service provider, complying with renewals and audits.

Our team of NDIS consultants will assist you in understanding the requirements under the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework and Practice Standards.

We are able to guide you through the NDIS providers online application, Initial Scope of Audit, and develop your complete collection of compliant policies and procedures.

Providers are required to undertake a Verification or Certification audit, measured against the NDIS Practice Standards.

We can assist in areas such as:

The Certification Audit Process

NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Documentation and direction for application or renewal process of becoming an NDIS SDA Provider.
Understanding the obligations for SDA Considering and navigating the possible conflicts with SDA and other NDIS requirements
Meeting requirements about the types of accommodation agreements in place
Enrolling property with the NDIA Keeping property details updated with the NDIA
Guidelines for actively managing tenancy agreements with an approach that supports and protects NDIS participants.
Meeting necessary compliance standards for audits.
Guidelines and pre-audit preparation to meet maintenance and mid-term audit standards

Stage One Audit

Self Assessment
Policies and Procedures
Supporting Documentation
Prior Certification or Verification Findings Audit Reports

Stage Two Audit

Engaging with the organization’s participants
Collective evidence of processes, procedures, and documentation that is in place

Training & Preparation

User Training of NDIS Portal – Proda Pre-Audit Preparation
Assistance in delivery of services to participant
Internal Audits
Audit Preparation Programs

Aged Care

With the ever-growing and emergent national aged population, the necessity for quality providers in aged care is in greater necessity.
The application process to become an Aged Care provider can be quite complex and prolonged. We are available to assist you in simplifying the tedious process by offering you a tailored approach that works in line with your needs, budget, and available resources.

Our Aged Care consultant team is able to help you in applying, operating, and achieving within the aged care sector. Whether you are an already established provider or new to the sector, we will be able to facilitate you in advancing and utilizing your resources to the best of your ability.

New Aged Care Providers

We understand the challenges faced by a new business in Aged Care and we are ready to help you navigate your way through the application process. Our experienced consultants will work directly with you to establish the correct application pathway and care model to suit your business objective. This will ensure that your business is on the correct path in providing the most suitable and beneficial care for the aged persons utilizing your services. We are able to support you in achieving your best possibility of being approved as a provider.

We can assist in areas such as:

Established Aged Care Providers

Already established providers can still face their fair share of challenges as they endeavour to provide a high quality of service to those requiring their services. We are able to work with your existing business model and assist you with workforce solutions to guide you onto the pathway that you need to be on to reach your organizational goals, maximizing efficiencies and profitability while ensuring that your standards of care continue to be high.

We can assist in areas such as:

Creation and Implementation of policies and procedures.
Assisting in expanding the scope of work due to increasing client demands.
Training in Careflo software
Pre-Audit Preparation
Re-Registration Audit – Stage 1 & 2
Post Audit Rectification

Rectification Action Plans
Strategic Workforce Planning
ACAR Applications
Aged Care
Accreditation Standards gap analysis
Assistance to meet accreditation
Review of quality systems
Quality training support

ACFI Reviews Metro Healthcare understands that every provider has its own objectives. Our packages allow for a tailored approach, so that you will always have a practical and obtainable solution that is the right fit for you.

Contact us and one of our consultants will be able to go through the range of options that are available to you.