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Metro Healthcare undertakes a personalized style in the support you receive. We work alongside you to design a plan that will allow you to retain your independence and attain your goals. Our disability services are never a generic approach. We understand that you know how to live your best life, and are here to assist you in accomplishing exactly that. The focus is always on you and your empowerment.

Home and Community Care

Our qualified support staff is equipped to help you reach your goals and attain the most out of life. By providing you with a high level of compassionate care combined with ongoing support from our team, we are ready to assist you and your family in being able to live life the best way possible for you.
Our support staff is available to help you in areas such as:

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living is an NDIS support, where a person with a disability lives with other people. You will receive support with general everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and personal care to enhance your skills to live more independently. You will be able to accomplish your purpose of living independently in your own home with the support and assistance that our qualified staff will provide you with.
Metro Healthcare will design a support plan that will provide you with the necessary skills you need for independent living in your home. Our staff are able to assist you with daily tasks such as:

  • Personal care
  • Shopping assistance
  • Meal preparation
  • Community participation

How to get Supported Independent Living Funding

Call Metro Healthcare and speak to the team

Meeting to discuss your individual requirements

Team will analyse your needs and how best to accommodate them.

What is NDIS?

NDIS is the National Disability Scheme. This is a way to provide for people under the age of 65 who have a permanent and significant disability which impacts their ability to take part in a lifestyle with everyday activities. The NDIS provides funding for supports and services which assists people with a disability and their families in achieving being able to live as independently as possible and attaining their goals. NDIS participants have choice and control over which providers they want to receive help from, as well as how and when services are received

Participants have different requirements and goals. The NDIS provides individual plans to each participant, and choice and control over which services they receive and from where. NDIS plans will be reviewed on a regular basis, typically every year, to assess whether goals are being achieved and needs are being met. This will determine the funding amounts for supports in the next plan.

Funding amounts are measured on what is practical and essential for participants to achieve their goals. Whether they have help from other existing bodies such as friends, family, and other government supports will also be taken into consideration. With this in mind, NDIS funding is divided up into separate budgets, and the approved amounts in each will differ on an individual participant basis.

Budget Types in an NDIS Plan

Capacity Building:

Support Coordination
Improved Living Arrangements
Increased Social and Community
Finding and Keeping a Job
Improved Relationships
Improved Health and Wellbeing
Improved Learning
Improved Life Choices
Improved Daily Living

Core Supports:

Assistance with Daily Life
Assistance with Social and Community Participation

Capital Support Budget:

Assistive Technology
Home Modifications and Specialist Disability Accommodation

Applying for NDIS

If you believe that you meet the criteria and are eligible for NDIS funding, applying is simple

Contact NDIA on 1800 800 110 and ask to make an Access-Request or you can submit the Access Request form via email.

Meet with your local area coordinator or NDIS Planner

Supports and Services will be available from Metro Healthcare Australia

Supported Independent Living Cost

All Supported Independent Living Costs are in accordance with NDIS Pricing Guidelines For further information please use the following link:

Becoming An NDIS Participant

If you are about to become an NDIS participant you can understand the planning process and how you are able to receive supports by downloading the NDIS booklets at the following link: